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Unlocking AI for the Enterprise: Confidential Computing Summit

Author: Raluca Ada Popa

With the rapid rise of generative AI and LLMs, we’re on the cusp of one of the largest technology super cycles in history; the global AI market size was already valued at $196B in 2023. However, C-suite execs and IT professionals alike cite data privacy concerns as the #1 obstacle to AI adoption for their organizations.

This is the year for confidential computing innovators and researchers, users and makers to come together, crack the code and unlock AI for the enterprise. The Confidential Computing Consortium, together with Opaque Systems, is co-hosting the Confidential Computing Summit this June with exactly that goal in mind: to expose and accelerate organizational initiatives around confidential data and AI.

Think of the Summit as our Consortium’s mission made manifest. A mega collaboration of the world’s top minds in confidential data, trustworthy AI and privacy-preserving generative AI unfolding over two days of learning and networking.

We anticipate hundreds of decision-makers and thought leaders in sectors such as financial services, insurance, telco, manufacturing, and healthcare. We have over 30 use cases lined up, selected from over 86 submissions, as well as dynamic discussions and visionary keynotes that include:

  • Mike Bursell, Executive Director, Confidential Computing Consortium
  • Raluca Ada Popa, Co-founder and President of Opaque, Associate Professor CS at UC Berkeley, and Chair of the Confidential Computing Summit
  • Anand Pashupathy, VP & GM, Security Software and Services Division, Product Assurance and Security, Intel
  • Karthik Narain, Group Chief Executive – Technology, Accenture
  • Mark Russinovich, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Azure
  • Nelly Porter, Director of Product Management, Google
  • Jason Clinton, Chief Information Security Officer, Anthropic
  • Sello Nevo, Director of the Meselson Center, RAND Corporation

And we’ll be delving deep into confidential computing and sensitive data – from national security to genomic epidemiology, noteworthy trends to critical best practices. You’ll learn about: 

  • Confidential Computing
  • Confidential Analytics
  • Confidential AI
  • Privacy-preserving Generative AI and LLM’s
  • Privacy Enhancing Technologies
  • Data Privacy and Compliance
  • Secure Enclaves
  • Confidential Computing Cloud Environments
  • Confidential VM’s

With two full days to roll up our sleeves, open our collars and truly dig into the opportunities and challenges, we’re excited to see where the Summit will take us and what new possibilities will emerge. Check out the full agenda here.

In case you missed it, we’re offering a discount to all of our Confidential Computing Consortium members. Register here and get 50% off with our special promo code CCC50.

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