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CCC Newsletter- January 2024

By February 27, 2024No Comments5 min read

Hello Community Member,

Welcome to the New Year. We’re excited to continue to connect with you and help drive innovation. You’ll hear from us on a monthly basis (at least) for any news and insightful information.

A quick reminder of what we’re about: Confidential Computing Consortium is a community focused on open-source licensed projects securing DATA IN USE and accelerating the adoption of confidential computing through open collaboration. We welcome all members and projects to be involved and engaged. We’re all contributors to shaping the future of Confidential Computing.

Without further ado, let’s get into the content.

CCC Presence in 2023

We wrapped up a busy year of growth and lots of activities. By bringing in the new Executive Director, Mike Bursell, along with our community members’ participation, we’ve increased our presence at industry conferences significantly.

You can hear from Mike on how his first year at CCC as the ED has been and where he is looking to take on in 2024 in his blog.

Technical Community

In 2023 we focused on growing three things: our projects, ecosystem recognition, and our community. Our technical community made great strides on each of these. Our open-source project portfolio is wider and more mature. Outside of the CCC, we contributed security expertise to public documents and standards organizations. As we grew to deliver these projects and papers, we maintained our emphasis on growing a positive community where everyone is welcome, and anyone can learn and contribute.

Read Open Source Highlights

Welcome, Sal Kimmich

We’ve started the year off strongly with the addition of Sal Kimmich to the CCC staff team as Technical Community Advisor. Sal has lots of experience in open source communities and security, and is already shaking up what we’re doing (in a number of excellent ways). Expect to hear lots more from Sal. Read more on Sal.

What’s New…

  1. Newsletter: We’ll be bringing you more insightful news from all across the CCC horizon. We’re going to have a regular segment update covering TAC news, Outreach news, Member/ED news, and Project/TCA news.
  2. Outreach SIG: Outreach has new SIGs! In 2024, we’ll be upleveling the outreach efforts across these 4 main focus areas:Events, Web Presence, Technical Documents, and Demos. Each SIG has a lead and participating members to streamline the process. Join us in our bi-weekly Outreach Meeting to participate.
  3. New Look, New Presence: CCC Outreach brought in Linux Foundation’s Sr. Marketing PM, Jen Shelby, to make CCC’s external presence to be cohesive and organized. She’ll be working closely with our Web Presence SIG to improve our website, external publication, social, graphic design, and so much more. 

Member Benefits: If you’re unclear about what you can get from participating in the CCC, check out the new benefits page on the website. We also want to encourage ecosystem growth, particularly around start-up participation. For any members, prospective members, or anyone with use cases for or interest in Confidential Computing who wants to get in touch, email Mike Bursell (ED) to see how we can help.

Upcoming Events

Take a look at our upcoming industry engagement and see where you and your team can participate.

  1. FOSDEM (Feb 3-4): CCC is hosting a social hour to support the Confidential Computing Devroom. Email Event SIG if you want to RSVP.
  2. State of Open Con (Feb 6-7): TCA Sal Kimmich is giving a talk.
  3. Rocky Mountain Cyberspace Summit (Feb 19): ED Mike Bursell is attending.
  4. PET EU (Feb 27-28): CCC is an Associate Partner and will host multiple sessions. 
  5. OC3 (Mar 13): CCC is hosting 15-min session.
  6. OSS NA (Apr 16-18): CCC is hosting a Mini-Summit.
  7. RSA (May 6-9): Come see us at the CCC booth. All member companies are welcome to collaborate with us. 
  8. CC Summit (Jun 5-6): CCC is co-hosting the conference.

**For your inquiry, please email Events SIG.

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