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CCC Newsletter – May 2023

By June 9, 2023February 26th, 2024No Comments3 min read

Welcome to the May 2023 edition of the Confidential Computing Consortium newsletter! We look forward to sharing every month news about projects underway, new members, industry events and other useful information to keep you updated with what’s happening at the consortium.

Welcome New Members!

Cryptosat is excited to join the Confidential Computing Consortium. We are working to provide a very unique trusted compute environment in space for use-cases requiring a perfect air-gap and physical isolation. We’re looking forward to contribute to the Confidential Computing technology landscape and establish fruitful partnerships with other companies in the consortium.

Confidential Computing Summit Use Case Awards

Calling all Confidential Computing experts! Today we’re launching the Confidential Computing Use Case Awards, with the chance to be recognized for the best case study across healthcare, financial services, and adtech. Use this form to tell your story.

Each case study will be evaluated by a panel of judges. Things to keep in mind:

  • The case studies do not need to be deployed. We are interested in nominations that identify the real world changes that can be addressed by confidential computing.
  • The use cases will be grouped in the following sectors: FinServ, Healthcare, AdTech, and Other
  • The case study must answer two questions: What is the problem? How does confidential computing provide the solution?

Recent Events

Open Source Summit North America, May 10-12, Vancouver

Mike Bursell and Stephen Walli attended the conference representing the CCC. Confidential Computing talks include:

– Advancements in Confidential Computing – Vojtěch Pavlik, SUSE
– WASM + CC, Secure Your FaaS Function – Xinran Wang & Liang He, Intel
– A WASM Runtime for FaaS Protected by TEE – Sara Wang & Yongli He, Intel
– OpenFL: A Federated Learning Project to Power Your Projects – Ezequiel Lanza, Intel

Upcoming Events

Confidential Computing Summit, June 29th, San Francisco

The Confidential Computing Consortium is a co-organizer of the Confidential Computing Summit. The event will take place in San Francisco on the 29th of June. The CCC and Opaque are launching the Confidential Computing Use Case Awards, asking teams to share their most interesting use cases across healthcare, financial services, adtech, and social good, with the chance to be recognized at the summit:


BlindAI: Secure remote ML inference with Intel SGX enclaves

Striking a balance between security, privacy, and performance is a challenge in machine learning applications. In this talk we will present BlindAI, an open-source confidential computing solution that harnesses Intel SGX enclaves to enable secure remote ML inference. Our solution effectively safeguards the confidentiality of both the model and user data while also ensuring the predictions’ integrity. We will discuss the motivation behind BlindAI, how we factored in the specificities and constraints of Intel SGX at the design stage, and share the outcome of an independent security audit of our solution.

FLOSS WEEKLY 731 – Confidential Computing

Dan Middleton, of Intel and the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC), dives deep on the topic of confidential computing (CoCo) and many related concerns, such as Trusted Execution Environments with Doc Searls and Jonathan Bennett.

The Confidential Computing Consortium

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