Confidential Computing in genomics: GENXT Cross-Database DNA Matching


Genomic data is one of the key contributors in the realization of precision medicine and to satisfy the demand for AI on diverse genomic data, the industry requires secure solutions for collaborative computing.

In this webinar, GENXT team demonstrates how Confidential Computing can enable fine-grained data security for federated analysis in genomics, reflecting the dual needs of privacy and policy compliance.

GENXT discusses its first application that allows personal genomics companies to find DNA relatives for their customers across each other’s database without genetic data disclosure, introduces the implementation of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) standards, and highlights future use cases for genomics-driven R&D.

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Cross-Database DNA Matching explainer video:


Pavel Nikonorov, GENXT

Ruslan Vakhitov, GENXT

Stanislav Nikolskiy, GENXT


Mariam Makhmutova, GENXT