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Protecting Applications and Data In Use


Today, data is often encrypted at rest in storage and in transit across the network, but not while in use in memory. Organizations that handle sensitive data such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial data, or health information need to mitigate threats that target the confidentiality and integrity of either the application or the data in system memory.

In this webinar, experts from the Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) will define Confidential Computing, discuss how businesses are using Confidential Computing today, and review the ecosystem of solutions and open-source projects available to enable applications to make use of Confidential Computing.

Key Topics

  • The Confidential Computing definition and comparison to related technologies
  • Key properties of Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) to look for 
  • Threats mitigated by Confidential Computing technologies
  • Utilization paradigms: using application SDKs vs. runtime deployment systems
  • The ecosystem available to support Confidential Computing application development 
  • Common real-world use cases for Confidential Computing


Aeva Black

Open Source Program Manager

Aeva Black is a radically queer geek and Linux user since the mid '90s who has been an advocate for Open Source since 2003. They pioneered the creation of Ironic, OpenStack's Bare Metal Cloud project while at HPE, and have contributed to projects such as MySQL, Ansible, and Kubernetes.

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Dave Thaler

Software Architect

Dave Thaler is a Software Architect at Microsoft, where he works on IoT security.

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Mike Bursell

General Member’s Representative to the Governing Board

Mike Bursell is CEO of Profian, a company in the Confidential Computing space.

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Nelly Porter

Premier Member Representative to the Governing Board

Nelly Porter is a lead of the Confidential Computing in Google with over 10 years’ experience in platform security, virtsec, PKI, crypto, authentication, and authorization field.

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Seth Knox

Outreach Committee Chair

Seth is the Vice President of Marking at Fortanix and leads the Outreach Committee for the Confidential Computing Consortium. Fortanix solves cloud security and privacy challenges, allowing customers to securely operate even the most sensitive applications without having to trust their infrastructure.

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Stephen Walli

Governing Board Chair

Stephen is a principal program manager working in the Azure team at Microsoft and leads the Governing Board for the Confidential Computing Consortium.

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