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Introduction to Occlum 


Occlum is a multi-process, memory-safe library OS for Intel SGX. Thanks to Occlum’s Linux-compatible system calls, you can now run unmodified Linux applications in SGX enclaves with three simple commands: `occlum init`, `occlum build`, and `occlum run`.

Learn more at their website and GitHub

Key Topics

  • Introduction to the Occlum project
  • Performance analysis of the new Intel SGX (on Xeon SP Icelake)
  • The new async-centric design of the next-gen Occlum
  • Performance evaluation of the next-gen Occlum


Hongliang Tian

System Architect

Dr. Hongliang Tian is a system architect at Ant Group. His primary research interest is confidential computing, system software, and system security.

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Zongmin Gu

Senior Software Architect

Zongmin Gu is a senior software architect, working at the Confidential Computing team of Ant Group. Zongmin has 10-year experience in SGX software development.

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