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Introduction to Veraison


Attestation is a key technology for Confidential Computing. An Attestation report requires verification to be useful to help establish trustworthiness. The process of verification can be complicated, requiring knowledge of token formats and access to a source of reference data that may only be available from a manufacturing supply chain. To address some of these challenges, the OSS Project Veraison (VERificAtIon of atteStatiON) will build software components that can be used to create Attestation Verification services. This webinar discusses the scope of the project and examines how the components can be targeted for different ecosystems.


Simon Frost

Software Architect

Simon Frost is a Software Architect in the Architecture and Technology Group at Arm. He runs a software prototyping team responsible for building components that will assist using technologies based on Arm architectures in various environments. Areas of interest include attestation and firmware provenance.

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Thomas Fossati

Principal Engineer

Thomas Fossati is an engineer in the Architecture and Technology Group at Arm.

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