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Fireside Chat: Trust in Computer Systems and the Cloud


Stephen Walli will receive Mike Bursell to discuss his book “Trust in Computer Systems and the Cloud,” with a particular focus on the impact of Confidential Computing on security, trust and risk. Deploying Confidential Computing workloads only makes sense if you can evaluate the assurances you have about trust. This requires establishing relationships with various entities, and sometimes rejecting certain entities as appropriate for trust. Examples of some of the possible entities include: hardware vendors, CSPs, workload vendors, open source communities, independent software vendors (ISVs), and attestation providers.

This fireside chat will discuss the book, some of the material it covers, and the approach it takes to trust – not to mention why trust is important within the context of computing systems and the Cloud.

To learn more about the book, please check:


Mike Bursell

General Member’s Representative to the Governing Board

Mike Bursell is CEO of Profian, a company in the Confidential Computing space.

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Stephen Walli

Governing Board Chair

Stephen is a principal program manager working in the Azure team at Microsoft and leads the Governing Board for the Confidential Computing Consortium.

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