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A Technical Introduction to Enarx:

Rust + WebAssembly + TEEs = Confidential Computing


As the requirement for confidential computing increases, there is a need for portability of workloads between clouds, the Edge and beyond.

Enter Enarx.  Coded in Rust from the ground up to provide confidential computing and portability. Enarx is a platform built to operate across hardware platforms and run any code compiled in WebAssembly.

Enarx is a completely open source project, working across hardware solutions and welcoming contributors up and down the stack.  Find out about where we are now, what you might be able to help with next, and learn how it might fit in your deployment plans.

Key Topics

  • Aim and state of the project
  • Demo of full stack
  • Architectural overview
  • Design principles
  • Call for participation


Mike Bursell

Chief Security Architect

Mike Bursell joined Red Hat in August 2016 in the Office of the CTO, following roles working on security, virtualisation and networking. After training in software engineering, he specialised in distributed systems and security, and has worked in architecture and technical strategy for the past few years.

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Nathaniel McCallum

Sr. Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat

Nathaniel is a co-founder of the Enarx project. He works on security, identity and cryptography technologies in numerous open source projects.

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Stephen Walli

Governing Board Chair

Stephen is a principal program manager working in the Azure team at Microsoft and leads the Governing Board for the Confidential Computing Consortium. Prior to that he was a Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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