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Trends in Confidential Computing


The Confidential Computing Consortium has released findings from research by Everest Group which reveals the rate of the growing Confidential Computing market. This webinar discusses key findings from the research with the CCC’s Jesse Schrater and Everest Group’s Abhishek Mundra.

Key findings

  • Confidential Computing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 90%-95% in the most aggressive scenario, and 40%-45% even in the most conservative scenario till 2026.
  • Hardware and software segments of the market will drive the majority of the adoption, while the service segment will also have a role to play.
  • Regulated industries like banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, public sector and defense will dominate roll out, especially in early phases.
  • Adoption in different theaters will be driven by privacy regulations and incidences of cyber-threats.
  • Emerging technology paradigms like multi-party computing and blockchain will drive a large share of the market.


Abhishek Mundra

Practice Director

Abhishek Mundra is a Practice Director on the Information Technology Services team at Everest Group and leads Everest Group’s Enterprise Platform Services (EPS) practice. In his present role, he advises global enterprises in technology-related strategic decision-making. He has authored numerous industry reports and thought leaderships on topics pertaining to exponential technologies, cloud, and enterprise platforms. He holds an MBA from IIM Lucknow and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from IIT (BHU).

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Jesse Schrater

Global Director of Security, Intel Enterprise & Industry Solutions

With over 30 years of experience in Information Technology, Jesse has an extensive background in driving technology solutions for large organizations. He has led engineering, service, and marketing teams in enterprise cloud and cybersecurity domains. For the past several years Jesse has been managing go-to-market activities for Intel data center security technologies. Prior to joining Intel, Jesse was a consulting Systems Analyst for the State of California, and served in Intelligence Systems for the US Air Force. Jesse has an MS in Information Technology and a BS in Computer Science, both from the University of Maryland.

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