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New Member Quotes

June 29, 2020


Michael Klein, principal director – Blockchain & Multiparty Systems Architecture at Accenture

“Over the past few years, we’ve seen organizations become more digital and more collaborative, creating business ecosystems that drive operational efficiencies, accelerate innovation and improve customer experiences. Protecting organizational, partner and customers’ private data is table stakes to seeing this model truly achieve its potential. The open standards and tools provided by the Confidential Computing Consortium offer organizations new options to protect private data while “in use” and Accenture is proud to be a member of this initiative.”


Mark Papermaster, chief technology officer and executive vice president, AMD

“Security is the bedrock of what AMD does and we are always working to advance our security features and architect even stronger security features for the future. We are excited to join the Confidential Computing Consortium, to collaborate with others in the industry to continuously work to close the gaps in protecting data across its entire lifecycle.”


Ayal Yogev, CEO and Co-Founder, Anjuna Security

“Keeping applications and data secure is critical to business. Anjuna supports the Confidential Computing Consortium effort to enable simple, secure, and business-ready enterprise enclaves for the commercial market–ushering in a new era of data secure IT.”


Assaf Cohen, CEO, Anqlave

Anqlave excited to join the Confidential Computing Consortium and help to reshape the way cloud computing consumed. We believe that Joining Forces with global technology leaders will help to drive mass industry adoption of hardware rooted security”


Raphael Auphan, Co-founder & COO, Cosmian

“For their data-driven transformation and cloud migration, companies worldwide need strong data security at runtime. Cosmian combines cryptographic techniques such as functional encryption, homomorphic encryption and multi-party computation with trusted execution environments to protect both sensitive data and algorithms. Being part of the Confidential Computing Consortium allows us to join global players in the push to protect data-in-use.”


Lei Zhang, Director of Information Security, iExec

“Confidential Computing is one of the few effective technologies addressing the security of data-in-use, and solves our main concerns on privacy preserving and trusted execution in iExec Blockchain based off-chain computing. We are extremely excited to join CCC, we will continue contributing to Confidential Computing as well as its industrial adoption, and look forward to our further collaborations with CCC.”


Raullen Chai, Co-founder & CEO, IoTeX

“Protecting sensitive data from our smart devices is critical to IoTeX’s vision for the Internet of Trusted Things. As a new member of the Confidential Computing Consortium, IoTeX is excited to join global technology leaders to further the development and adoption of confidential computing.”


Richard Gendal Brown, CTO, R3

“From the very outset, R3 has been focused on helping entire markets solve their most difficult problems through the innovative application of advanced technology. And when you’re talking about solutions that involve multiple parties, privacy is non-negotiable. This insight sits at the heart of Corda, which has become one of the most widely used enterprise blockchain platforms in the world. And it has underpinned several years of research and development by R3 in the application of Confidential Computing techniques to all forms of multi-party interactions. The recent beta releases of our forthcoming Conclave secure multi-party computation platform and our working with the Confidential Computing Consortium takes this lasting commitment to protecting user privacy a step further.”