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The Importance and Challenges of Data Privacy


With growing concerns surrounding the privacy of our data in an increasingly data-driven world, how can we ensure that critical personal information is kept safe and can’t be misused? How can individuals trust that their personal data don’t get into the wrong hands? How can organizations use data protection practices to prove to their customers that their data is handled with care?

In this session, we will cover the problems users are facing when protecting their online privacy. We will also discuss the challenges of businesses when protecting user privacy as well as the most important emerging technologies for data privacy.


Ivar Wiersma

EVP, Head of Conclave

Ivar Wiersma is the EVP, Head of Conclave at R3.

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Nikolas Molyndris

Senior Product Manager

Nikolas Molyndris is a Senior Commercial Product Manager at Decentriq.

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Paul O’Neill

Senior Director of Strategic Business Development

Paul O'Neill is the Senior Director of Strategic Business Development in Intel's Confidential Computing Group.

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