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Confidential Computing Consortium at Black Hat 2022

The Confidential Computing Consortium will be present at Black Hat 2022. This major cybersecurity conference will take place in Las Vegas, NV on August 6-11. We welcome attendees to meet us either August 10 or 11 at the Delano Hotel, right next to the Black Hat venue (the meeting room is the Crimson C, located on the 4th floor). Please come talk to us about any of the following subjects:

  • What’s Confidential Computing?
  • What open source projects are part of the Confidential Computing Consortium?
  • Who are the members of the Confidential Computing Consortium and how to join?
  • What are the major findings from the Confidential Computing market study by the Everest Group?
  • What are Privacy-Enhancing Technologies and how Confidential Computing fits in this category?

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